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Gorilla Organic Pest Control is your local bed bug exterminator in Orlando, that knows Orlando pests the best. Florida has at least 12,500 insect species. Some of them bite, sting, or try to feed on us. Many insects are considered invasive species that arrived in Florida by accident or were intentionally introduced. Many of the invaders affect Florida residents and its environment in a negative way. We also specialize in termite, rodent, and ant extermination. We aim to be your one stop bed bug exterminator Orlando company.

Why are we Orlando’s #1 choice?

  • We offer treatments for every pest found in Orlando including Termites Bed Bugs and Cockroaches.
  • Most comprehensive Treatment methods for household pests.
  • Most affordable rates in the state saving customers an average of 80% off the competitors pricing.
  • We offer eco-friendly(organic) options for eliminating pests without harmful chemicals.
  • 100% safe for children and pets.
  • 100% Odorless treatments.
  • We use multi method treatments ensuring these critter are attacked from all angels and eliminated.
bed bug exterminator orlando


For Gorilla Organic Pest Control bed bug extermination Orlando is in an extremely unique process. What makes our process unique is our two-part methodology. When killing bedbugs, in order to administer an effective treatment, you must know how bedbugs operate. Bedbugs are small round brown flat creatures that can hide in any crevice crack gap or void you can find, so detail orientation goes a long way when killing these bugs. Here at Gorilla, we use a two-part method in to make sure that we are attacking these creatures from all angles. The two-part bed bug extermination method involves a bed bug heat treatment Orlando as well as an organic spray. 99% of extermination companies choose to only administer one method or the other not killing these creatures in one treatment which causes most extermination companies to have to come out 2 to 4 times. Not us, we use our two-part method ensuring that we eliminate all pest on the first treatment.

The first process of this treatment is heat treating which involves a small heating apparatus that eliminates pest instantaneously bringing up temperatures to almost 700° in concentrated areas, at the same time keeping your home intact. This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates walls, mattresses, furniture and other hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs in just minutes. By using heat treatment for bed bugs, heat is distributed evenly throughout an area and destroys bed bugs wherever they are lurking. Bed bugs can run but they can’t hide from our heat treatment equipment! Most heat treatments involve heating the entire home for over six hours which is unnecessary because we have studied bedbugs for years and we have found it to be more effective to concentrate the heat in areas where harboring and nesting occurs. Total time for our healing process is about two hours. As you can see the process our Bed Bug Exterminator Orlando based team uses is quite complex.

The next process of our bed bug heat treatment is the organic chemical spray. Here at Gorilla Organic Pest Control, we use the Eco-friendliest products that ensure the safety of the household. We are the only company that uses organic products for bed bug control. We have found that these products are twice as effective because they are untraceable and bedbugs do not hide from the product causing them to wonder into treatment areas and die off quicker. We use this step of our treatment to prevent and ensure that future infestations do not arise.
Total treatment time for our technicians usually averages about 1 to 2 hours compared to most companies which take six hours and involves the homeowner to stay somewhere else while the treatment occurs. With our treatment, you do not have to leave your house because there are no odors or fumes.
Gorilla has been using this methodology for 10 years and he’s the only company that does it this way. Call us to schedule a free evaluation and take back your home today!
Another Reason Why Our Bed Bug Exterminators in Orlando Are Top Notch….
• Most effective and powerful heat/chemical treatments
• Organic chemical treatments are less harsh for you and your family
• Bed bugs will never become resistant to heat
• It’s better for the environment and eco-friendlier for the animal and plant life in and around your home
• The time it takes to kill and eliminate bed bugs is fast – less than an hour after the temperature is brought up to the proper level, the bugs and their eggs start to die
If you want more information about our bed bug exterminator Orlando team, you can contact us directly from our contact form.